The freebies and perks you get when you tap with Samsung Pay

You might even get another Samsung smartphone, absolutely free

It's true that there's no free lunch in this world. But there aree free Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge smartphones to be won.

For those who dare to be the early adopters, that is the reward you might get if you've been using Samsung Pay since it was launched.

Similar to Apple Pay's big push when it was launched here, users can enjoy discounts and credit card rebates for using the Samsung mobile payment. But unlike Apple Pay, the rewards extend beyond mere cashbacks. Freebies are also thrown into the mix, including free travel adaptors and vouchers to offset your purchases.

So if you have a Samsung Pay compatible device, you'd better load those credit cards into the phone and read on to learn how you can cash in on these deals.

Tap with Samsung Pay and Citi to win free Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge

If you're a Citibank credit card user, you're in luck. Until 15 July, every time you use Samsung Pay with your Citibank credit card, you stand a chance to win a Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge.

We're not even at the best part. Each day, there will be one winner. That's a total of 30 phones, meaning 30 chances to win a Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge if you've been diligently using Samsung Pay for your groceries. Or for that matter, anything else.

On top of that, until 31 December 2016, earn up to 3% cashback, 2 miles, or 10x Rewards points on your spend by using your Citibank credit cards on Samsung Pay.

Cashback and rebates from banks

Likewise, the other banks are offering some carrots to get you started. Depending on which bank you sign up with, your credit cards will enjoy the following rebates or cashback, including the fine print that you might not be aware of:

Standard Chartered - 20% rebate for each purchase capped at S$50 per customer. This is valid until 16 July or until the first 5000 customers have fully redeemed the offer.

OCBC Bank - 5% rebate for all purchases, capped at S$15 per customer. This runs until 31 August.

POSB / DBS - S$10 cashback for at least three transactions hitting a total of S$40 before the cashback kicks in. You can continue to enjoy this till 15 September or until the first 20,000 customers have fully redeemed the cashback.

We know, some of the terms and conditions are a tad restrictive. But hey, it's still free money, so go get them while it lasts.

Vouchers, vouchers and more vouchers

Technically, this isn't free money but who's going to say no to free vouchers? At the very least, it'll save you some money, that's still worth something. For a start, if you spend a minimum of S$35 at participating Innisfree outlets using Samsung Pay, you'll receive a free Innisfree Skin Mask Voucher.

At Watsons, you have until 27 July to receive a S$5 voucher when you spend a minimum of S$50 at Watsons using any MasterCard cards. On top of that, if it was done through Samsung Pay, you get another S$5 voucher.

Pro-tip: check the Samsung Pay app

While you might be just tapping and paying as you go, don't forget to take a look at the Samsung Pay app. Periodically, click on More to check up on any new announcements or coupons that might be sitting within the app. This simple act could save you some serious money or even get you a freebie when you least expect it.