Four Type C ports, OLED touchpad for new MacBook Pro?

One USB to rule them all

A MacBook Pro on your shopping list? You might want to wait for a bit as CultofMac just got photos that show the next iteration of Apple's high-end MacBook range might just get a hefty upgrade.

If the photos are legit, which they seem to be, Apple is getting rid of other ports besides the USB Type-C. Apple is fitting in four of those on the new machine and yet there is still space for a headphone jack, apparently. 

Also of note is what looks like an OLED touchpad as well as a slimmer profile alongside butterfly keys. It's high time the MacBooks got upgraded and it seems as though these MacBook Pros will be worth waiting for. Also expect Apple to throw in Intel's new Skylake processor. 

With all the tweaks, it is unlikely that Apple will be adding another feature now common on PCs but not on Macs: touchscreens. The pics don't show any indication that Apple will add touch to laptop screens, especially when Apple's touchpads are well known for their responsiveness.

What's really needing an update is Apple's line of MacBook Airs though so we'll see if Apple is planning any changes there. In the meantime, check out our take on the latest Apple MacBook and consider whether you're willing to live with just Type-C ports.

[Source: CultofMac]