Fix it: The Facebook app has been quietly sucking the life out of your iPhone’s battery

This is why your iPhone hasn’t been lasting for as long as it should

That iOS 9 feature that figures out just how each app is using up your iPhone's battery sure is useful. Thanks to it, users have reported an unusually large battery drain from the Facebook app.

And their suspicions have been verified by Facebook’s engineering manager Ari Grant who confirmed that a couple of issues were causing the app to use up more battery than usual. A “CPU spin” was occurring in the network code and audio sessions happening silently in the background that even disabling Background App Refresh in your iPhone settings couldn't right.

Long story short, they’ve fixed what’s wrong and you can in turn fix what’s wrong with your iPhone by making sure your Facebook app is up to date. Done that? Now get back to prying into everyone’s online lives with peace of mind.

Source: MacRumors