Facebook plans to be the next Google News

Perhaps Facebook was foreshadowing things by naming its alternative app Paper

It seems Facebook is going into the News game. The New York Times, BuzzFeed, and National Geographic, are just some of the publications planning to host content on Faceboook.


You'll never leave Facebook again

To sweeten the deal, Facebook is also apparently offering partners a cut out of any advertising revenue made from the content on Facebook.

This would mean Facebook could soon be the default landing page for people not already checking Facebook first thing in the morning. It'll be the next one-stop site: interact with friends, read the daily news and peruse a thousand  cute animal lists.

It's a smart, savvy way of Facebook using its platform to share better quality content while making money. Perhaps now we'll see even more content curation on Facebook. There's already been steps on Facebook to ferret out questionable content.

Looks like Google News might have some serious competition.

[Source: The Next Web]