DBS and POSB users can now use EZ-Pay to cross the ERP without a CashCard

With this EZ-peasy payment shortcut, you'll never have to worry about topping up your CashCard again

Ever passed an ERP gantry only to hear the Beep of Doom, signifying your card is low on funds and you can look forward to a nice letter from the LTA?

In case you haven’t already heard, EZ-Pay is an initiative that lets you pay for ERP with your credit card, ensuring you’ll never have to deal with this nonsense. And if you hopped onto the bandwagon when EZ-Link launched the service last year, chances are that’s a problem you no longer face.

But while previously only available to Citibank users, EZ-Pay has now expanded its roster to include credit and debit cards from DBS and POSB — probably following the initiative’s obvious success.

If you don’t particularly enjoy topping up cards or getting fined for nothing, visit EZ-Link to register for the service. Just key in your vehicle number and credit card details from one of the three participating banks, and you’ll receive an email with your new EZ-Pay account details.

From then on, if you pass an active ERP gantry without a card in your IU, the ERP charge will be billed directly to your account. You can also login to your account to view records of your ERP transactions, or just refer to your monthly credit card statements for the deets.

And since we can now also tap into the MRT with just our credit cards, it looks like all these extra miscellaneous cards will soon be extinct. Along with wallets too, probably.