Enter the world of a borderless clinic

Hypochondriacs rejoice! Have health advice right at your fingertips with the Smart Ageing, Heartsmart, and Health Abacus apps
Enter the world of a borderless clinic

Have you any idea what arrhythmia means? No? Neither do we. But that's about to change soon, which is great news for hypochondriacs.

Commencing this month, Singaporeans will be the first worldwide to utilise a fresh set of secured mobile clinic apps, that cost more than a whopping S$12 million, on a mobile app platform called Borderless Clinic.

The apps - Smart Ageing, Heartsmart and Health Abacus – aim to enable patients to contact their doctors without having to physically head to the clinic, and monitor vitals such as their blood glucose levels and blood pressure.

On the other end, doctors can recommend healthcare advice and services remotely. If medical gobbledygook puzzles you just as much as it does us, the apps also iron out any queries patients have about cardiac situations and other health ailments on its live chat function with doctors.

Think of it as an advanced Internet Relay Chat (IRC) of health, only with added features such as audio and video communication.

The Heartsmart and Smart Ageing apps are now available for download on Apple’s app store and Google Play, while Health Abacus will be available from 15 April. Clearly the future, even with health, is mobile.

[Source and image from Today]

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