Easy charge up: Samsung’s Galaxy S6 might offer wireless charging

This might just be the most exciting rumour of them all

Can’t be bothered with wires? Then the purported Samsung Galaxy S6 might just be the device for you. The rumour mill’s spinning of the upcoming device boasting a new feature, and it’s one that many will fancy.

Sources have indicated that the alleged Galaxy S6 will come fitted with built-in wireless charging functionalities, kicking up the contradiction between some of the leaks that have surfaced thus far.

The alleged smartphone has been said to keep up with Samsung’s current design trends and comes wrapped in a full-metal unibody. But, given that this magnetic induction wireless charging feature will be included, it means that there’s no possibility for it to sport an all-metal body.

Why? Because metal bodies tend to block out electro-magnetic waves, making the whole process impossible and dangerous. So if the Galaxy S6 does officially showcase wireless charging features, it means that its back will not be 100 per cent metal.

It’s possible that there might be some carefully placed plastic inserts (but this still makes it dangerous), or the back of it could be made from a completely different material, perhaps glass or plastic with a glass effect.

Another set of rumours highlight that the Galaxy S6 may not have a removable battery, meaning that this wireless charging feature could compensate for that difference.

This rumour definitely throws us a few steps back in terms of the progress we’ve had with insights. But the Sammy smartphone is most likely due for an unveil at MWC 2015 (which is just a few weeks away), so you won’t have to wait too long for official details. 

[Source: GSM Arena