Easy 3D design: Adobe brings 3D to Photoshop Creative Cloud

3D design’s now made easier with latest Photoshop CC update

The 3D printing concept is simple enough. It’s getting the designs out that’s a bit of a headache. With all the complicated software out there for 3D Design, you’d think you need to be a engineer to make a model. Adobe however has decided to make things a little easier for us.

The latest update to Adobe Photoshop Creative Cloud (CC) now lets you design 3D models and all with the familiar tools of the software.

So what exactly can it do now? You can actually design a 3D model from scratch with the new update. Adobe says that they’ve taken out most of the complexities when it comes to 3D design and among them is the whole issue of water tightness in a 3D model.  With the new update, Photoshop CC automatically fixes up any water tightness issue, so it’ll be ready for print, without the need for time-consuming checks.

An expert with touch-ups on Photoshop? Just imagine doing the same thing with your 3D models. It’s not just a from-scratch 3D model that the new features can work with. Need to tighten up the design of a previously done work? Just load it up, do your touch ups and you’re ready to print.

The update is free but the Creative Cloud applications are available at a monthly fee that starts from S$9.99 a month.