Dyson’s new Cool fan is as super hushed as a deadly ninja

It’s so quiet, you could probably hear a pin drop
Dyson’s new Cool fan is super hushed

Dyson has unveiled a new and improved Cool fan range (the AM06, AM07, AND AM08) that is way quieter than some of its last generation models. So quiet, you'll hear a mouse squeak and someone screaming after they spot the rodent.

Considering how we live right smack on the equator and lack the optimum amount of natural cooling humanely needed to survive this crazy weather, you can't exactly throw that grinding bladed fan out unless you get the new Dyson fans.

It's all about the quiet for Dyson

Dyson’s new Cool fan is super hushed

Another plus point for Dyson's bladeless fans? No more inquisitive kids sticking their fingers/chopsticks/whatever small items they can find into the fan (own up, some of us did so as kids).

Its powerful airflow has ten varying settings, as well as a sleep timer (for up to nine hours) that deactivates the deadly quiet fan while you enjoy a deep slumber. Makes sense, anything more than nine hours is way too much, so the insane humidity and heat here should wake you up.

Noise? Pfft, it's quieter than its predecessors by up to 75%. Well, at least according to Dyson and you don’t exactly mess with figures like that. It has the goods to prove its worth too, having won the Noise Abatement Society's Quiet Mark award for its new Air Multiplier technology.

And you know how silent those pesky mosquitoes are till they come real close? The Dyson fans eliminate tones of 1000Hz – similar to the frequency of the noise produced by the wing beat of the said bloodsuckers – with a Helmholtz cavity at the base of the fan that dissipates sound waves.

The new Dyson Cool fan range is available in iron/blue, black/nickel, and white/silver, retailing between S$399 and S$799.

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