Dyson sets up new Singapore Technology Centre to invest in innovation here

Engineers, Dyson wants you

Did you know, the famed digital motor found in Dyson’s legendary vacuum cleaners is manufactured right here in Singapore?

And Dyson isn’t stopping there with its Singapore focus. The British company has just set up a spankin’ new R&D centre here to focus on future innovations like artificial intelligence and robotics.

This new facility isn't Dyson’s only physical presence in Singapore; the company has another office in Alexandra Techno and a manufacturing plant at West Point in Tuas, employing a total of 1100 people here. And they’re looking to grow their local engineering team by 50 per cent. In order to create the software that will match up to its hardware, they’re in search of 110 software engineers amongst other engineering postitions.

In other words, if you’re looking to be on the forefront of tech innovation, Dyson could be the place to grow your talent (we've thoughtfully included the link to the current job openings at Dyson here). Case in point - the Dyson Supersonic is in the running for Innovation of the Year in our Readers’ Choice Awards. So rest assured that this tech company is working on keeping things fresh.

Who knows, the next supersonic innovation could be birthed from a Singaporean mind.