Drop everything and try: Hitch a ride with the Lompang app

It's an absolute life saver during train breakdowns. Oh, and you get to ride on a cool scooter too
Drop everything and try: Hitch a ride with the Lompang app

Goddamnit, the trains broke down again!

Easy there, we have a solution. Keep calm and exit the station. Download Lompang on iOS and hitch a ride on a scooter. Honestly, it’s much more reliable than being stuck in a train due to circuit faults.

Hello, it’s tumpang, not Lompang

Don’t look at us, that’s what the developers called this rideshare app. But yes, Lompang is an alteration of the Malay word tumpang, which means to hitch a ride. Anyway, what’s in a name, you should be more concerned about getting to your meeting on time.

Shouldn’t I be more worried about getting kidnapped by random strangers than being late for a meeting?

Drop everything and try: Hitch a ride with the Lompang app

Stop being such a worrywart, you’re not really riding with strangers who haven’t gone through the screening process by the developers. Each rider has to sign up to be part of the ride-sharing community and invited for a coffee session (no, it’s not as nefarious as you think) to make sure they’re not psychos.

But but, that means they’ll know where I am and will be going!

Only for the duration of the trip, you paranoid android. The app needs to lock on to your position via GPS, and lets you stalk, we mean, spot nearby riders. Send the request to the fanciest scooter that you’d like to ride, and if that cute yellow Vespa is going your way, the rider will send you a notification.

Vespas? Really? Too cute for my taste, I want to feel the roar of a Ducati between my legs

Drop everything and try: Hitch a ride with the Lompang app

Live with it, the app is currently only accepting scooter riders at the moment. The developers stated that “scooters are the most accessible two-wheeled vehicle, which is why we've chosen it as our mascot and ride” on their website. Still, one can only hope they’ll add a Kawasaki bike into their lineup in the future.

Please tell me it's a free app

The app is free to download, but show a little love for these scooter lovers. After all, fuel prices are on the rise. The good news is, it’s a flat fee, regardless of distance. Passengers will have to purchase S$20 worth of credits, and for each completed ride, S$4 goes to the rider while S$1 is charged to the app for administration fee.

One last thing - will I be able to meet cute guys/girls with this app?

Drop everything and try: Hitch a ride with the Lompang app

Apparently, that’s one of the aims of the app - to meet new friends. Before a match is made, both parties have to send their photos to each other, mainly for identification. And just to see if you’ll be riding with a hottie or a hunk. You can download the app from the App store on iOS. Disclaimer: it won't guarantee that you'll get lucky tonight. Your chances are much better with actual dating apps.