Drop everything and download: Thyng

Add your own photos and videos to your AR experience

While it took Pokemon Go to really make augmented reality (AR) a thing, there are now plenty of fun apps to tinker with and the latest of the bunch is Thyng.

Another AR app? Why?

What's different about Thyng? Well, it lets you load your own media such as photos and video. Cool bit is that you can insert more than one photo in a scene as well as more than one video.

Only downside is that it doesn't let you import other AR objects besides photos and video: instead, there are preloded 'Thyngs' you can insert and there are some objects that you can scan into the app,but they're limited for now.


Is it really worth the download?

Of course, with most AR apps these days, the main thing about is novelty. But having more say in what you can see in your AR viewer is still pretty cool.

The only thing Thyng needs is to add more media assets so users can play around with more diverse AR landscapes. It's a little wonky so expect a few glitches while you're figuring out how the app works but the built-in tutorial is fairly easy to follow.

It's also a great way to inspire budding AR creators into creating their own VR experiences, getting a feel of what AR is capable of right now.


OK, so maybe I have space on my phone...

Fancy a download? Thyng is available in the App Store for both iPhone and iPad, free without in-app purchases. It's compatible with the iPhone 5S and newer, and the iPad Air and newer generations of iPads.

The developers are working on creating an Android version as well but there's no word on when that will happen.