Drive people nuts with Razer's new and improved BlackWidow mechanical keyboards

Type fast enough on the Razer Mechanical Switch, and you'll probably annoy the heck out of everyone around you
Drive people nuts with Razer's newly improved and clickity BlackWidow mechanical

Admit it, you love the feel and clickity sounds of mechanical keyboards that drive your family, friends, and colleagues nuts.

And your world comes crumbling down when these mechanical keys fall apart from heavy abuse over long gaming sessions. No more, says Razer.

The gaming peripheral company's BlackWidow mechanical keyboards have been upgraded with its new Razer Mechanical Switch. These mechanical switches, developed in-house, promise a lifespan of 60 million keystrokes for each key. That's a lot of WASD-ing around in games.

Orange and green is the new black

The improved key switches deliver precise key strokes with pinpoint accuracy, and can survive long practice sessions and tournaments too.

The switches are also available to OEMs to include in their own products, even though Razer practically paid for the whole R&D process. OEMs can choose between the Razer Green, a clicky monster that attracts more attention, or its silent sibling, the Razer Orange.

To get your hands on the new keys on the BlackWidow range, pre-order the mechanical keyboards, starting from S$139.