Don't judge the Johammer J1 electric motorcycle on its appearance

Sluggish looks aside, this two-wheeler has both range and speed
Don't judge the Johammer J1 electric motorcycle on its appearance

Well, well, what do we have here?

What do you reckon?

It has wheels, but reminds us of a garden creature

You mean like a mean green slug? 

Thanks for the biology lesson, but focus

Sorry, it’s just that we’ve also been sidetracked by what this thing reminds of. An expressionless slug? A limbless camel? A -


Fine, fine. The Johammer J1 is what every environmentally-conscious biker wants. Sure, there might be others in the market, but none go farther than the J1. With a range of 150 km - 200 km (depending on the make), the J1 also reaches speeds of up to 120 kph. Mother Nature would be proud.

That throttle must sound so good

Negative. It’s an electric bike, so what you’ll be hearing in place of that growl is a futuristic whine, along with the sounds of nature. Isn't that perfect for bad-ass hippie bikers?

Guess I’ll just have to settle

Oh, come on. You’re saving the world, don’t you know that? Also, its rearview mirrors pack nifty high resolution displays to give you all the driving information you need while on the road. 

The million dollar question is, does this cost a million dollars?

Good news is it doesn’t. Bad news is that doesn’t mean it comes cheap either. The Johammer J1 comes in two variations - the J1.150 and the J1.200, with the last three digits indicating the maximum reach and costing €23,000 (S$39,820) and €25,000 (S$43,285) respectively.

Source: Wired