Don't click cancel: Microsoft says it's time to update again

Microsoft is updating older operating systems too, so take advantage while you can

Microsoft just announced another round of security updates, for older operating systems as well.

Don't delay now

After the recent WannaCry ransomware update, it's a good time to take stock of how protected you are from attacks. Microsoft has stated that some vulnerabilities posed elevated risks of "cyber attacks by government organisations".

While it's highly unlikely your PC could be targetted by some rogue actors of national cyberhackers, it's still a good time to take advantage of Microsoft patching holes across Windows operating systems, even as old as Microsoft Windows XP.

These new patches are notable for patching not just Windows XP, but Vista and Server 2003 products. This is unusual as Microsoft has already made it clear that it no longer supports products that old. As they however are still widely used in some places, Microsoft is probably playing it safe.

Still, if you're holding onto an operating system older than Windows 7, maybe it's time to move on? Check out our guide to getting the best out of Microsoft's Windows 10.

[Source: CNN]