Don this wristband and pump your fist for a different digital club experience

Attica Singapore partners with Google+ and YouTube for perhaps the most innovative club experiences ever
Don this wristband and pump your fist for a different digital club experience

It’s the weekend (or close to it anyways) and one thing many of you look forward to is a good party. If so, then this club experience might just entice you, especially since it’s one thrown by Attica Singapore with a twist on it.

The twist is of a digital kind because Attica’s partnering up with Google+ and YouTube for its Paul Oakenfold event on December 11. The event at Attica is one of the after-parties for IMS Asia-Pacific (the International Music Summit in Singapore), which also happens to be the first time it’s being held in Asia.

Basically this collaboration sees the DJ take part in a digital experiment that aims to reimagine the concept of live performance. 150 of the party-goers will be equipped with a Google+ integrated Lightwave bioreactive wristband, which will track their audience engagement, movement and temperature to create reactive art on the night.

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Google Hangouts and YouTube will be streaming the entire experience live. It will also be telecasted on Oakenfold's 'Planet Perfecto' YouTube channel from 1am that night. In addition, multiple cameras and data visualisations will be curated into a broadcast and distributed online as well as throughout the club.

So don’t forget to mark it on your calendars. The event runs from 10pm through to 5am and advanced entry tickets will cost you S$40 (including a drink). Door tickets will cost you S$50 for entry and a drink though. So head down and let your hair down for the night. 

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