Do not tap that: fake SMS from “MyRepublic” falsely promises unlimited data

Do not let your data desperation rob you of your senses

Ever since MyRepublic announced their potential plans to provide unlimited data, it has garnered the attention of the data-deprived public. Enough to spawn a malicious SMS in its name.

It’s not the first time MyRepublic has been the target of a fake SMS. Previously, there was an innocent one circulating on April Fools' day that just led to a harmless website with a message.

But this one is far more malicious. Despite what that SMS says in grammatically-flawed English, “you cannot free sign up” at the link. What it will do is open an .apk file on Android phones that definitely does not lead to a treasure trove of unlimited mobile data for their users.

While some people would immediately laugh off this SMS due to its originating number and poorly phrased contents, there are still many that would fall for its false promises of “UNLIMITED DATA” and fail to notice the details that give away its lack of authenticity.

“It’s not too widespread, but one person receiving this is still one too many,” said Fabian Lau, Communications Manager for MyRepublic. The local company was alerted to the text message yesterday by a customer and has since put up an alert. They've also reported the case to the police who are currently investigating its source.

Till then, do not tap that if you receive it.