Ditch that Selfie Stick, it’s the age of the Belfie Stick

Because its makers think a selfie from behind looks way better
Ditch that Selfie Stick, it’s the age of the Belfie Stick

Thanks to the likes of Kim Kardashian, the trend of taking a belfie could beak the Internet in 2015. If you have no idea what that is, we’ll fill you in – it’s basically the act of taking a selfie, but from the back and including your tush.

Now, unless you harness the help of a mirror or have been practicing yoga poses, it’s really hard to take such a shot because it requires you to hold your smartphone over your shoulder, frame yourself in the shot, focus, and take the picture all while trying to look fabulous.

Sounds complicated? Well, it’s essentially a very sophisticated level of selfie-taking.

But if that angle flatters you more than taking just the average selfie, you don’t have to struggle so much (if you were) to take one anymore. Photo-based social networking site, ON.com, has created what it calls the Belfie Stick to help you with the selfies from behind.

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Need to know how to use it before getting one? It’s pretty straightforward – it functions just like a selfie stick, the only difference is that the titanium steel of the Belfie Stick can be bent and positioned strategically for an effortless looking belfie.

The site’s CTO, Kevin Deegan, said the huge spike in its users taking butt selfies in recent times led to the creation of this device to assist people in taking one. Apparently, it also surveyed more than 10,000 selfie “experts” that claimed people want to capture their assets but face difficulty doing so with a normal selfie stick.

So if you think the Belfie Stick can help you with your belfie endeavours, you can pre-order it from here for US$79.99 (S$107). Hey, it’s got us beat, but it’s cool as long as it works for you.

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[Source and image: Business Insider]