Deezer offers Premium + account at special rate for M1 customers

M1 customers can get Deezer Premium + at only S$5.99 monthly

Can’t bear to fork out S$9.90 for a monthly premium subscription to Deezer? If you’re an M1 subscriber, you're in luck. Now you only need to pay S$5.99 to get unlimited access to Deezer's vast library of music.

M1 and Deezer’s recent partnership gives M1 subscribers access to a buffet of their favourite songs (30 million of them) via online streaming. 

What’s the difference between a normal Deezer account and a premium one, you ask? A normal account only lets you listen to full songs on the desktop app, and that's with the occasional ad slotted in. The mobile app on the other hand, will only allow a 30 second teaser of the song, which isn't much if you want some full-on music loving. With the premium account, or Premium + as Deezer calls it, the goodies and full benefits of the mobile app kick in. You can listen to the full range of songs on your mobile, activate offline mode so you can listen to music without killing your data plan, and enjoy the music at a higher audio quality. Also, ads are removed so you won't be annoyed when your soothing babymaking tunes are suddenly interrupted by an ad for beer.

That’s pretty great value at S$5.99 right? Well, there's a catch - the cheaper subscription price is only for a maximum of 6 months after activation, and once that is over, it’ll revert to the normal price of S$9.90. The service starts tomorrow, 17 December, and the subscription offer will run until 30 June 2014.