Dashing dreams – the 4in iPhone is most likely not in the make

Sources say cut the hype because there isn’t any production scheduled for a 4in Apple mobile
Dashing dreams – the 4in iPhone is most likely not in the make

Remember how we told you last month that there could soon be a 4in iPhone in the works and Apple will make it for release sometime this year? Well, we’re sorry to crush the dreams of many of you, because that rumour is most likely meant for the bin.

That is, if you believe claims from a Chinese news site, Feng.com. The report indicates that the 4in smartphone is a no-go as its supply chain sources have claimed that Apple has yet to submit any “production tasks” in relation to a mini iPhone.

These unnamed sources highlighted that the rumours surrounding a smaller iPhone is all “hype”. MacRumors translated bits of the article from Feng.com (it’s in Chinese) and stated the following:

“Wei Feng network today through Apple’s supply chain has learned about the 4-inch screen iPhone 6s argument is just a hype.  Supply chain sources said that Apple has not made ​​any new production tasks iPhone 4 inches to parts of the supply chain, and therefore will be launched on 4-inch screen Apple iPhone 6s argument is not true – at least so far.”

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But we suggest you take what you read with a pinch of salt – since Apple decided to target larger mobile phone loves with the launch of the 4.7in and 5in iPhone 6 and 6 Plus, there’s no reason not to believe that it could do the same for smaller iPhone lovers.

However, so far, there hasn’t been a strong enough claim for us to believe either notion so we will just have to play the waiting game for more rumours to fill in before we decide if it’s something worth rooting for.

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[Source: MacRumors