Daily Mix is Spotify’s Discover Weekly playlist delivered fresh every day

The new feature is available to free users as well

The only reason this writer can survive Mondays is all thanks to Spotify’s Discover Weekly playlist. It’s the light at the start of the darkening tunnel that’s the work week. And now this tunnel is lit the whole way through as the personalised playlist is coming to the rest of the week.

Called Your Daily Mix, it’s a mix of songs you love and new tracks. However it’s a bit of a hit and miss. My Daily Mix 1 was a rather predictable mix of upbeat mainstream hits that I write to, but Daily Mix 2 was a stranger mix of blues and soul, which I hardly, if ever, listen to. It seems to be based off Radio genre stations that I explored before I started paying for the service instead of the tracks I've been faithfully listening to since I did. 

While I get that it will take some time for me to like or remove certain tracks to curate my Daily Mixes to a fine art (new users will only get access to the feature about after two weeks of listening), it was pretty off tangent despite my being a long time paid subscriber who tunes in practically every day. What gives, Spotify?

It’s available to both free and premium subscribers. You won’t be able to listen to it offline so keep an eye on your data. To access it, look under “Your Library” tab in the mobile app. For all you Spotify desktop users, hang in there, it will make an appearance soon. Otherwise, you can start playing it on your phone and continue on desktop.

Hopefully, you’ll have a better experience than I did. But it’s only my second Daily Mix and I have my fingers crossed for the playlists to get smarter about my preferences, since Spotify promises they will evolve with your music tastes. If not there's always Discover Weekly and Release Radar to lean on.