Cruise like a boss on the Ninebot One E+ electric unicycle

It’s not cheap, but it’s definitely going to raise your cool geek factor by a million

Look at the contraption above. Think it’s some fancy gizmo from the future? Well, the future is now because you’re looking at the Ninebot One E+ electric unicycle.

The self-balancing personal electric vehicle (PEV) relies on your body weight to turn, move forward or reverse. Beginners, fret not. It has an intelligent safety alarm system, which triggers when you are being a speed demon or leaning way too much and risk falling off.

The One E+ travels between speeds of 18-22kmph (11-14mph). Fast enough to enjoy the cool breeze as you cruise down the road, and perfectly safe with its magnesium alloy body and skid resistant design. Oh, don’t worry, it’s a strong little thing - it can take a weight of up to 110kg and climb hills up to 25 degrees.

It might take a little getting used to, but when you do, imagine the fancy tricks you can perform on this wheelie. Play time with it isn’t too shabby either. Well, more like play distance, as one full charge lets you travel between 30 to 35km, depending on the speed you're going and terrain it’s on. When it goes flat, you don’t have to wait too long either, just an hour or two to give the lithium battery another full charge.

That’s a lot you can expect from this PEV. If you’re a superficial creature, there’s loads of aesthetic features to complement its sleek design. First, customisable shells. If you don’t fancy the pre-bundled shell, the easily disassembled One E+ gives you the option to snap another shell that’s to your liking.

Oh, did we mention there are fancy lights on the wheel? You can even customise them with the Ninedroid app, which also tracks your speed and logs your travels too.

The only thing you might not love is its pricing. At S$1199, this is a relatively expensive tech toy to own. But hey, considering the hours of fun and looks of envy, why wouldn’t you? But before you do, you might want to test drive it at the showroom, buy it right there and then or get it online.