Credit card top ups for EZ-Link are coming your way in January

Also, new card readers at bus shelters so you can check your balance

Transit Link is giving you another way to pay for your bus rides starting 1 January.

In the New Year, you’ll be able to top up your EZ-Link card with any credit or debit card at General Ticketing Machines across all MRT stations.

And unlike when you do it at 7-Eleven, there won’t be additional processing fees or administrative charges. Prevailing foreign exchange rates based on the issuing bank will still apply to foreign-issued credit cards however.

While select cards from UOB can currently be used for top-ups at a maximum daily limit of S$40, the new service will allow up to S$100 per day per credit or debit card — great if you hate queuing up at the machines all the time.

And while we’re on the topic of convenience, EZ-Link card readers have been installed at 10 bus shelters along Orchard Road.

The readers utilize NFC technology to detect all EZ-Link cards, EZ-Charms and mobile phones with EZ-Link NFC SIM cards.

Just tap your EZ-Link card on the screen to check your card expiry and balance information, so no more fumbling for change on a moving bus when your card runs out of money.

[Source: Channel News Asia]