Create new flavours with Coca-Cola Freestyle, the soda-dispensing machine from the future

Most of the soda flavours are completely new to Singapore

Out of the 80-plus you can pick, nearly 70 are flavours that have never been made available in Singapore.

You select from four different categories on the touchscreen menu the type of drink you want, whether it’s caffeine free, diet, or fruit flavoured. Or select from a brand like Coca-Cola or Sprite, then customise it with your flavour of choice, ranging from raspberry to lemon. You know what this means, right? You get drinks like Coca-Cola Raspberry, Sprite Cherry, and even Fanta Lime - whatever your sugar low desires.

This is also the freshest soda you can possibly get outside of Coca-Cola’s own factories. Why? It’s because the ingredients are mixed on the spot. Think of it as soda on tap. Thanks to their proprietary tech, there's no chance of soda cross contamination which is to say your Coca-Cola Lime won't have drippings of the previous person's Sprite Orange. 

It’s also an extremely thoughtful machine, with navigational buttons for the handicapped located on its lower compartment. It’s so that people in wheelchairs can also access the machine without any help.

Just watch out for your kids' quick hands if not you might end up with a drink that wasn't your choice. 

Want to try it out for yourself? Head down to 7-Eleven at Cathay Cineleisure or Vista Point, Buffet Town at Raffles City, or GV Plaza to give it a go. Let us know how fantastic it tastes.