This is the craziness that took over Twitter during One Direction’s concert in Singapore

You can’t argue against more than 100,000 tweets that set a new record in a Singapore-based event

Your friends know you’ve been to the One Direction concert in Singapore. They give you the judgemental look as you hang your head, more from the massive hangover and headache rather than the shame.

Even if it’s the latter, don’t feel that you owe anyone an answer for joining the horde of fans attending One Direction’s concert in Singapore. Nor feel guilty that you’ve been flooding your friend’s Twitter timeline with your shenanigans during the concert. Because you’ve just smashed a record for the social network here in Singapore.

You would think that Taylor Swift, known for her insane social media presence, would have held that record for her previous concert in June 2014. But the numbers don’t agree, since Taytay only got 73,000 tweets. As for One Direction? Apparently, over 100,000 tweets were clocked during the concert, making #OTRASG (On the Road Again - Singapore) the top trending hashtag in Singapore.



While it was the fans that started the momentum, a ‘Thanks Singapore’ from Liam Payne pushed the numbers even higher during the night.

The record, however, tells a more interesting story - how Singapore is not just making waves in social network, but also as a smartphone nation. Just last year alone, Google’s Consumer Barometer pegged Singapore with the highest smartphone penetration rate in Asia, taking a massive 85% score on the chart.

Understandably, that explains why Twitter went nuts, what with so many smartphones in play during the concert. It’s also a sad picture when you see smartphones popping up and heads facing down while the concert rocked on.