Courts wants to improve your home with its Ace Hardware store

The partnership with the US-based hardware store also includes installation services

Home improvement isn’t really a big part of our lives here in Singapore. But you do need some basic tools and help just in case the home needs a little fixing.

That’s the basis behind Courts' collaboration with Ace Hardware, a US-based hardware co-operative that operates across the world. Think of it as Courts gift to home makers who want the convenience of getting everything at one shopping point, that being the Megastore at Tampines.

The dedicated hardware section measures 8000 square feet and covers a wide range of products, numbering 15,000 for home needs and maintenance. You name it, they have it, from storage and security locks, to even the most mundane stuff like car accessories.

For DIY beginners, there is The Helpful Hub, a customer service area where you can seek advice on home installation and basic maintenance tips. If you find the installation process too daunting, you can also approach them to do it for you. Service fees, of course, will apply if you do so.

The physical store, located at level 1 of the Courts Megastore at Tampines, is meant to match prices to what consumers expect. The same price matching policy applies to the products. Just bring proof of the item that’s cheaper than what Courts is offering at the Ace Hardware store, and they’ll match it.

But rather than bringing the whole catalogue to Singapore, Courts is mindful that Singapore is a vastly different market. Its group furniture director Steve Church highlights that the company carefully curated the products from Ace to ensure that they are Singapore-centric and suitable for the living spaces we are used to.

Church confirmed that the newly created Ace Hardware store will only be available as a physical store for now. There are plans to provide an online shopping option, though right now the focus is on getting the physical store up and running.