Cool sunnies keep out wind and glare

Pricey but chic sports sunglasses are an appealing alternative to the active-yet-style conscious individual

Salt Optics and Aether Apparel have teamed up to create shades that look cool and yet are still suitable for action sports.

These sunglasses keep external influences (such as wind and glare) from entering the sides, but without restricting your peripheral vision. Salt’s double-layer Zeiss lenses are also photo chromatic – adjusting the tint according to varying light conditions – as well as polarised, to keep out dazzle from reflected light.


Housing the lenses is a flexible and durable beta-titanium frame, with the entire kit handmade in Japan. All this combined make the sunglasses perfect for anything involving a lot of sun and wind – mountain biking, most winter sports, or a spot of yachting.


The big downside is you pay for all these features with the glass retailing at a cool US$600.

[Source: Gizmodo]