Click to buy on Pinterest may soon be a reality

The famous app might soon feature a “Buy” button by the end of 2015

Let’s be realistic – when we pin something on Pinterest, it tends to be something that we’ve had a desire to own (or make if you’re into that creative side of things). And of course, Pinterest hasn’t been too good with in-app purchases.

But that might change soon. According to Re/code’s Jason Del, the visual discovery application has big plans and is in the midst of making a “Buy” button that would sit within it, allowing us to make on-site purchases.

This rumour follows the report that Pinterest has rolled out its actionable pins feature that enable users to download iPad or iPhone apps on Pinterest without having to leave the site (all you do is hit the “Install” button). So we think a “Buy” button will be a natural progression to enhance the user interface.  

Since every pin is linked to a website, and some of these pins already provide you with the product’s pricing and availability information, this button will let you buy it immediately instead of having to click through to the website and then buying it.   

As it stands, Pinterest refers 23 per cent of all its traffic to related e-commerce sites, so this alleged addition would probably further increase the number of online purchases made through the site.  

This feature is said to launch sometime within the next three to six months. If Pinterest is working on this feature, we’ll be sure to hear about its partnership(s) with payment companies in the coming weeks – unless it’s already done so on the down low.

[Source: Business Insider