Clear your throats for the wireless Moment Karaoke sound bar

It would have been great if it was cheaper and came with an important karaoke feature

When you dream of auditioning for The Voice, anything that helps you get to the stage matters.

Then grab the moment and seize the wireless Moment Karaoke sound bar. The complete package for the Moment system includes a 16in sound bar, a wireless subwoofer and wireless microphone. Its main component, the sound bar, comes with an auxiliary and optical output, connecting the speakers directly to media streamers or TVs.

The latter is essential as the sound bar, on its own, is just a speaker system. Alternatively, you can utilise its wireless connectivity options, which includes Bluetooth AptX technology. Translate: audio is streamed with minimal loss in quality. So at the very least, the sound bar delivers decent audio quality. Great if your singing excites the senses and makes people dance. Which also means you’re more likely to hear those off-key vocals.

While it’s designed to be a karaoke machine of sorts, it lacks the native capability to run karaoke apps without a media streamer. So you’ll need to rely on karaoke-friendly apps that stream music videos, minus the main vocals.

Other features of the sound bar include the ability to adjust the echo, somewhat a nod at the weird acoustics you get in karaoke rooms. A night mode also pumps up the bass level and lowers the mids and trebles to lighten the noise impact when it’s late at night. All of which are controlled by the iOS or Android app.

Unfortunately, there’s one crucial feature missing from the Moment sound bar - pitch adjustment. So if you’re thinking of belting out Taylor Swift’s latest track, it’s either match the pitch or risk going off-key.

Price-wise, it is a bit on the high side. At this moment, the sound bar is going through a round of funding via Indiegogo. This gives early adopters the benefit of purchasing it at US$199 (S$280) before it reverts to the usual price of US$399 (S$570). If you’re not the forever alone type and have someone to sing a duet with, you can purchase an additional wireless microphone for US$29 (usual price US$49) during the funding phase.

The Moment sound bar is expected to ship by end November 2015. Local pricing will be announced closer to its launch date.