Circles.Life now offering 26GB mobile data for just S$48

Say goodbye to heartbreaking monthly phone bills, and say hello to care-free internet surfing on-the-go

Singapore’s fourth postpaid operator, Circles.Life announced today their latest Data Plus option offer of 20GB for S$20.


If you think that their base plan is offering an exorbitant amount to make up for that affordable data top up option, think again.

Their current base plan consists of 6GB data, unlimited WhatsApp, 100 min of talktime and more for just S$28.

Add that base plan to their latest top-up offer and you’ll get a total of 26GB for the price of S$48 a month making it the largest ever no-contract data plan under S$50 available in the market today.


Nope, and they don’t need to be. Basically, the internet customers get from Circles.Life comes from M1.

Ever since M1 signed a partnership with Liberty Wireless Pte Ltd (which Circles.Life operates under), Liberty Wireless has been able to provide voice, messaging and data access to its customers, using M1’s advanced mobile network.

What makes them stand out is their no-contract plan. Which means you are not chained to any 2-year-contract and only be able to change phones once it’s over. You can pay for your phone via installment plans or the full amount upfront.

But if you are not happy with their their service, you can pull the plug on the plan without accruing penalty fees.


Right here. They currently do not have a physical store and are solely online.

But really, do we need to take a number and wait for another 50 other people in front of you to purchase your phone and new plan?


Circles.Life’s latest data plans evidently offers a competitive price as compared to other telcos in the market. The outcry for more affordable data has been immense ever since telcos slashed their 12GB data plans.

Consumers have instead been given lower data usage in return for 4G speeds but at a questionable price point.

However, with companies like Circles.Life making a stand for data plans being affordable for all, we might soon be able to share our photos, watch our favourite TV shows and all that jazz on-the-go without anxiously worrying about the digits on our monthly phone bills.