Changi Airport might soon become a ‘living lab’ to test new tech

We’re talking the likes of cleaning robots and self-driving vehicles

There’s not a lot Singaporeans tend to be proud of, but Changi Airport is usually pretty high up on the list.

And now our lovely airport is getting a high-tech boost, through collaboration with start-ups and other companies to develop, test and adopt new solutions all within a live airport environment.

Changi Airport Group has launched the Living Lab programme, a S$50 million bid with the Economic Development Board to drive these test efforts over the next five years.

What exactly will these new solutions be, you ask? Well, there are four main areas of focus: Automation and robotics, data analytics, security technologies and smart infrastructure management such as sensors and Internet of Things.

This means anything from self-driving vehicles to ferry passengers between terminals, to sensors and cameras used to track the number of people at taxi queues, which can provide estimated waiting times and alert taxi drivers on the demand.

Thanks to its huge turnover of 60 million passenger movements annuallytech-savvy customers, and retail sales of over S$2 billion, Changi Airport provides an excellent test-bed for these key technologies.

Who knows, maybe we’ll get self-flying planes next?