CES 2015: Creative’s Sound Blaster X7 is for the serious audiophile

It’s all about high-resolution audio when it comes to Creative’s speaker
CES 2015: Creative’s Sound Blaster X7 is for the serious audiophile

If you’re a true blue audiophile, the quality of sound should be of upmost importance to you when you’re looking for a speaker. And in line with that, Creative’s created one that aims to impress your ears.

Named the Sound Blaster X7, this speaker is actually a high-resolution external USB digital-to-analog converter DAC and audio amplifier rolled into one – specifically, a 24-bit/192kHz high-resolution 127dB DAC and strong 100W audio amplifier.

The Singaporean company chose to show off its latest unit at the CES 2015 tech show currently on in Las Vegas.

The unit, now also available in an exclusive limited edition pearl-white colour, comes with a 144W power adapter that enables up to 100W of output to be delivered to its passive speakers. It should not be confused with the regular black version, which comes with the regular 70W adapter.

In addition, it also has a low headphone amplifier output impedance of 1 ohm, making it one of the more sensitive in-ear monitors in the market. This allows for higher volumes and better current capacity as compared to smaller, cheaper amplifiers.

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The unit should pair to most of your devices via Bluetooth connectivity with NFC, but also has jacks for connection with TVs and any other digital input sources like an additional set rear speakers or a subwoofer.

Weighing in at less than 1 kg, the unit is portable enough that you can easily pick it up and move it across any room you wish or maybe even travel with it.

The limited edition Creative Sound Blaster X7 in pearl white (with the 144W power adapter as well as 1 ohm headphone amplifier output impedance) will be made available in Singapore from the end of this month, costing you S$599. But if you’re after the regular black version with the 70W power adapter, you can already purchase that from Creative for S$499.

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[Source and image: Hardware Zone]