Carousell wants to help you sell products in 3 seconds

Want to sell something? Snap, and leave the rest to the trusty AI

Listing products on Carousell is part of its wide appeal. It’s convenient and fun. You’d think listing products on Carousell couldn’t be any faster, but Carousell is telling you it can and it will.

Once again, AI finds itself driving innovation. The darling of Singaporean start-ups is pursuing integrating AI into the user experience, according to Quek Siu Rui, CEO and co-founder of Carousell at the Tech In Asia Singapore conference.


"Can we, now having five years of experience, data and learning, create the next evolution of classifieds? Can we make selling a three-second process - snap a photo and that's it?" asks Quek.

The idea being proposed is in the near future, all sellers need to do is take a picture, and let the AI do the work. It’ll be much like Samsung Bixby, but far more useful. Devices will able to see and recognise objects the way we do, and will have the ability to upload and classify our objects. It’ll be able to recommend prices based on data from the millions of transactions in Carousell’s history, increasing the chances of dealing fast. Quek says that sellers tend to be “very optimistic” and place too unrealistic values on their goods, “they don’t get a good experience”. The AI mediating prices should mean easier sales and a better user experience for both buyer and seller. 

Their exciting new vision is part of their big to become the world’s largest classified company in the next ten years. And why not? Given the exponential growth they’ve seen over the past few years, from a team of three in 2012 to 140 employees currently, keep the rate they're growing at going and they’ll certainly come close.

In spite of their massive success, Quek knows it’ll take a miracle for their vision to come true. AI is one of their many next big steps to create the “next evolution" in the business. And we can't wait to see what else they have up their sleeves. 

[Source: Tech In Asia]