Can't get the free Windows 10 upgrade? Here’s how much it costs in Singapore

Unless you are using Windows 7 and above, you’ll have to pay quite a bit to use Microsoft’s new OS

29 July is Windows 10 day. A good day for those who’ve stuck with Microsoft’s Windows 7 or the polarising Windows 8. Because starting from now till 29 July 2016, these folks are getting Windows 10 for free.

As for the poor souls who haven't been using Windows 7 and above, Microsoft’s latest operating system is going to cost a pretty penny. And by that, we mean you'll need at least S$229 for the Home edition. The Pro version costs quite a bit more at S$399.

If you’re wondering why you should fork out an additional S$170 for the Pro edition, the key differences aren’t huge for personal use. For power users, however, the Pro edition gives you more security such as BitLocker Drive Encryption.

One more thing - you won't be able to purchase a physical copy of Windows 10 in Singapore. Instead, Windows 10 is available to purchase via Microsoft's online store

In all honesty, the Home edition will suffice for personal use, since it gives you key features such as Microsoft’s new Edge web browser (goodbye, IE), and the much-hyped Continuum. The latter lets you work across tablet, PC, and Windows Phone, as well as capture and share game play on your Xbox One.

For those who are eligible for the free upgrade, you can download the update file (be warned, it’s 3GB in size) from today. Not too sure how you should go about with the upgrading process? You can also bring it to an authorised retailer to upgrade your laptop or PC. The list of retailers includes Challenger, Harvey Norman and Newstead Technologies.

Don’t forget, you have a whole year to get the free update. Else, it’s going to cost you at least S$229 to enjoy Microsoft’s new operating system once you miss the boat.

How to get Windows 10 at 50% off

Find Windows 10 too expensive? Here's a trick: buy Windows 7 for around S$130 and get the free upgrade. You'll need to purchase a physical box set from retailers though as Windows 7 isn't available via the online store.