Buy a BMW i in Singapore, get its 360-degree Electric programme too

BMW Group Asia is also adding a network of public charging stations across Singapore and a new app to track your electric car's status
Get a BMW i in Singapore and the 360-degree Electric programme now comes with it

While electric vehicles are still rare and few in Singapore, BMW Group Asia is still going ahead with a new 360-degree Electric programme to make life easier and more convenient for its BMW i electric car drivers.

What the 360-degree Electric programme aims to deliver is a portfolio of services – including home charging, public charging, flexible mobility, and assistance services – that will come standard with all BMW i models, like the recently launched BMW i3

According to BMW Group Asia, the programme is currently one of its kind in the automotive industry that will see its partnering experts providing its customers with services that improve their electric mobile experience.

“We recognise that electric mobility is new for many customers in Singapore. Therefore, we want to reassure our customers that we have got them covered from an all-round perspective, the moment they start owning a BMW i vehicle,” BMW Group Asia managing director, Sergio Solero, said.

A step towards electrical charging

Get a BMW i in Singapore and the 360-degree Electric programme now comes with it

What’s unique about the 360-degree Electric programme is that every BMW i vehicle will come with the BMW i Wallbox Pure (which enables the BMW i3 to be fully charged in about 6 to 8 hours) and a basic installation package – BMW i customers in Singapore will be offered charging infrastructure services at their homes or offices.

In addition, there’s a public charging programme, ChargeNow, that enables BMW i drivers with access to a network of public charging stations located in various locations across Singapore.

Newly added is a BMW i Remote app that's available on iOS and Android, which allows drivers to use their smartphones to check on the charging status of their car and further control the process. Oh, and it even lets you view your vehicles’ range, battery condition, messages, and location so you’ll never lose track of where you’ve parked it.

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[Image: BMW Blog