Build your Lego, then save them as a 3D schematic with Lego X

As you place pieces brick by brick, your progress gets uploaded onto a computer with this solution
Build your Lego, then save them as a 3D schematic

Who says Lego is for kids? Lego has gone beyond being just a building platform for enthusiasts to one that integrates technology into its primary functionality. And we’re not talking about software that lets you build with virtual Lego pieces.  

A company has created a solution that now lets you merge your analog experiences with digital interfaces. This London-based studio, Gravity, has created what it calls its Lego X system – an augmented reality app that simplifies 3D Lego models (think of it as a digital back-up for your Lego creations).

You’ll need retrofitted analog Lego pieces to start with though – they’re apparently the larger Duplo bricks equipped with hardware such as accelerometers, gyroscopic sensors, location-mapping sensors, and wireless radio gear so that they positioning can be tracked in real-time.

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The app then showcases the progress or changes you’re making, meaning that as you stack or remove bricks, or even tilt the model of your real-life assembly, they get duplicated on to the software.

You can then use the app to either store your digital model (we reckon it’ll be a very handy tool for those of you in engineering or architecture), or even export the 3D renders to use as you please – for purposes that include 3D printing.

The makers of Lego X hope to soon incorporate that technology on the regular sized Lego bricks and further develop the platform with Lego itself. We can’t wait to see the result and future of this partnership, if it does work out that is.      

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[Source: Fast Company, image: Dezeen