The brutal Arena is why you should attend Tech in Asia Singapore 2016

Be entertained by amazing ideas or watch them get slaughtered by the judges

You must be wondering why we're talking about Tech in Asia Singapore 2016.

Simple - if you want to see a dose of reality dished out to aspiring startups, then this is where you should be.

The two-day event, which includes a series of keynotes and fireside chats, is also when the Arena is held. With a name like that, you know there'll be some punches thrown. Not in the physical sense, more of the kind that'll give the ego a bit of bruising.

Basically, seven startups who sign up for the session will be given five minutes to pitch to a panel of judges and anyone who's attending the conference. Regardless if you're an investor or just someone who's on the lookout for the next big thing, this is worth a watch.

Because the session is really a no-holds barred, brutal moment when the chosen startups will put themselves out there, pitch the heck out of their ideas and hope to impress the judges.

Trust us, it's pretty intense, judging from what we saw last year. We were impressed with ideas such as Eatigo's reservation and discount system, even after the judges tried to find holes in the system and were refuted by solid numbers and claims from the founder.

Not all startups survived the brutal onslaught during the 5-minute Q&A session with the judges though. We vividly remember how the baby sleep monitoring device Nana was ripped a new one when judges questioned the startup's goals and forward looking plan.

So you see, you're getting a dose of reality TV akin to The Voice, Survivor, et al. Just on the tech side of things.