Boom! New Furbies invade Singapore

Love it or hate it, the Furby is still alive and kicking. The new Furby Boom is one animatronic pet you can't kill
Furby Boom Main

It's been 15 years since the Furbies were first unleashed into our ecosystem and they are still alive and kicking today. Unlike most of their contemporaries; the Aibo and Robosapien, who have passed on to that big pet junkyard in the sky, this noisy and squealy little furball is still entertaining little kids and some adults today.

A mind of its own

Like the older Furbies, the new Boom version is interactive, reacting differently depending on how you interact with it. Rough it up, and it'll give you the stink eye complete with what we assume is the Furbish version of cussing.

What's new though is the Furby Boom’s brain. It's been updated to remember not just their names, but also the names of their fellow furry flock. Though not exactly Skynet level of AI, it’s quite disturbing to imagine the world being overrun by these furry monstrosities.

There’s an app for everything

The new Furby Boom app has added more interaction compared to the previous version. You can now perform everything from the mundane task of bathing your Furby to playing games with it.

The app is free to download for iOS and Android devices and also features an interactive dashboard that monitors the health and well-being of your Furby Boom. Neglecting the furball will not get you into trouble with the SPCA but just like any living pet, it’ll moan and try to get attention. On top of that, the app will give you a stern warning to pay more attention to the Furby.

Run for your life, they can breed!

Link the Furby Boom to the app, and over time, you earn virtual eggs that hatch into a Furbling, which will interact with you, and the Furby Boom. It’s quite disturbing that these furballs can now breed, even more so that you can get more eggs by playing mini-games or exchanging them with other Furby Boom owners.


Pre-orders for the Furby Boom starts from 2nd August till 19th August at all Toys’R’Us outlets and will include a Furby backpack, an organiser and colour market set worth $46.70. The furballs will be available from 20th August for $119.90, and will be on display at Toys’R’Us Vivocity from 20th to 25th August.

If you do get one, try not to feed it after midnight or get water on it. There is no telling what will happen if you do not heed these instructions.