The BMW i3 electric vehicle charges its way to Singapore

Or you could get the hybrid i8 if you're not a true believer of electric cars
The BMW i3 electric vehicle charges its way to Singapore

If you thought cars couldn’t get any more fuel-efficient than they already are, you’re wrong. The BMW i range proves otherwise. With the BMW i3 and i8 launching in Singapore, even you can go green and not compromise on style.

According to BMW, its i series is the future of mobility – the BMW i3 is a purpose-designed premium electric vehicle, while the BMW i8 is a plug-in hybrid sports car.

The BMW i3 is the company’s first premium segment model that runs solely on electric power. It generates a maximum output of 170hp and peak torque of 250Nm. Even though it’s a fully electric run, it can reach 0-60km/h in about 3.7seconds, or 0-100km/h in a mere 7.2seconds.

How much? That's the crucial question, and it starts from S$229,800, inclusive of COE.

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A greener future

The BMW i series is all about electric mobility

On the other hand, the i8 is a sports car built to be sustainable. It enables a range of up to 37km in the EU test cycle, as well as speeds of up to 120km/h when travelling on electric power alone. And did we fail to mention that the sprint from 0 to 100km/h takes just 4.4seconds.

Eager to get this? Bad news folks, only a select few can own the i3 and i8. The essential criteria for both vehicles lies with your house. Specifically, you must prove that you can install a wall charger (included in the car's cost) at home. Plus, if you've been eyeing the i8, you'll have to wait till next year as the current allocation for this hybrid super car is sold out.

There's some good news though. BMW Group Asia’s now big on building a solid foundation for electro-mobility in Singapore, and in supporting that, has announced a joint investment with Performance Motors to pump more than S$5 million towards this cause in Singapore.

In addition, it’s launched a complete 360-degree electric, an all-rounded portfolio of services comprising four key pillars – home charging, public charging, assistance services, and flexible mobility, that come standard with every BMW i vehicle.

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