Blizzard remastering original StarCraft, old version to be free

UPDATE: The beta build is now available

If you'd ever reminisced about the old StarCraft, then the good news is that Blizzard is both releasing a new remastered edition as well as offering a freebie.

UPDATE 31/3/2017: There is now a beta build of the game free for download on the Public Test Realm (PTR), announced in the StarCraft forum. It is downloadable here, but to play it you will need to create a PTR account as the point of the build is to give feedback on how the game is doing. Despite being an older game, Blizzard has done quite a few tweaks. For instance, there will be an Observer mode, improved UI layout, the ability to tab between windowed fullscreen or windowed mode as well as the option to customise keybindings.

If you don't mind helping out with bug testing and/or can't wait to start playing classic StarCraft, then head on over to the forum to get downloading.

What's better than free

The announcement was made at the Blizzard I<3 StarCraft event, by Blizzard president Mike Morhamie in Seoul. The original StarCraft as well as its Brood War expansion will be repackaged in 4K Ultra HD definition, with the expansion being updated with new features.

As for the original, unremastered version it will be given away for free after version 1.18 of Brood War is released, with bug fixes as well as new features.

Before this, the StarCraft Anthology was being sold on Blizzard's online store but has since been taken down in light of the new announcement.

As to when the new remastered version will come out as well as its pricing - that has yet to be confirmed.

In the meantime, just look forward to the free download of the original game to be out very soon, likely by this week.

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[Source: Polygon]