BlazePod wants to make you twitch fit

Soon you won’t be able to look at this image without leaping at the screen like a fox after a rabbit

Do I want to be twitch fit?

You want to be fit, right? 

But getting really fit is tough. You can lollop around the park, or cycle up a hill, but you’ll never do to yourself the kind of leaping, screaming muscle-ripping workout that a personal trainer might ellicit. And you can’t afford a personal trainer.


I can’t! So what do I do?

Back BlazePod on Kickstarter is what. It’s a ‘flash reflex fitness’ device. You pledge for a bundle of them, which communicate wirelessly with an app, which has loads of different exercises requiring you to leap and slam the BlazePods as they light up. Some of the activities are quite gamified and can be executed in pairs or with a group of people. Others are just solo, relentless, beat-the-machine exercise. The app can measure your reflexes to a milisecond accuracy, so you can see how your twitch muscles are coming along. 

I’m game. Where do I get them? 

BlazePod is funding now, starting at US$99 (S$140) for a pack of two ‘Pods with straps and suction pads to put them on more testing surfaces than just the floor. Delivery is October this year which gives you a little time to (a) shop for Spandex and (b) enjoy your last days as a lard-ass.