The Blackview A8 is a US$43 smartphone with a few photography gimmicks

Including an obviously iPhone one

Chinese smartphones are known for being affordable, but at US$43 (S$60), the Blackview A8 is ridiculously cheap.

Its specs are pretty basic, running on a MediaTek 1.3GHz quad-core processor, 1GB RAM and a 2000mAH battery. Fronted with a 5in 720p display, the Blackview A8 runs Android 5.1. Considering its paltry price point, there’s really nothing to pick at.

But it’s the 8MP camera that got our attention. It has the usual photography modes like beautification (especially common on Chinese smartphones) and panorama, but there’s this multi-angle view mode that the Blackview people didn’t even know existed.

To shoot a photo, just move the phone left to right like you would capturing a panorama and wait for the bar to fill up. The exception is you’re moving it around an object. The image that you capture will come with a scroll bar at the bottom that you can swipe to see around the object. We'd imagine this would create some sort of flat yet 3D image, perfect for bringing depth and dimension to otherwise dull 2D photos.

Aside from that one camera curiosity, there’s also a blatant Apple copy in the form of Live Photo. Yes, it’s called just that in the phone. Unlike Apple’s 3 second Live Photos, this is twice the length at 6 seconds. 

Oh, did we forget to mention that it comes with a blinged-out border of crystals? If that's too fancy for you, it comes in a design without them as well.

Available in Europe and Asia, get yours to start shooting some funky photos for an unbeatable price. Seriously.