The BlackBerry Priv arrives in Singapore just in time for Christmas

For a phone with nostalgic hardware elements, it's surprisingly forward-looking

If you’re hoarding a ton of top-secret information in your phone, the BlackBerry Priv is the smartphone you want to be using.

If its name doesn't clue you into the emphasis it's placing on privacy, the native DTEK app might. It takes security up a notch by allowing users to monitor which apps have access to what information.

Aside from these high-level clearance security settings, the Priv also has top-notch specs.

A 5.4-inch display rich with 540ppi of detail sits on top of a super slim form factor that still manages to find space for a 3410 mAh battery. Running a near stock Android experience for quick updates in the future, the Priv comes with 32GB storage and offers an expandable microSD slot option of up to 2TB (once they exist in the future).

Impressed yet? You will be even more so once you get an eyeful of its 18MP camera. 

There’s more. BlackBerry combines two nostalgic elements into the Priv - slide the phone up to reveal the famous BlackBerry QWERTY keyboard. That means you get both a physical keyboard and a virtual one. The former is especially useful when you want to scroll through a wordy webpage without accidentally clicking on links.

Intrigued? The Priv will be available from 12 December onwards at S$1098 from your friendly local telcos as well as BlackBerry authorised dealers.