Bid farewell to your 2G connection from April 2017

Don’t worry, you should be on at least a 3G network with Singtel, StarHub or M1 by that time

In slightly less than two years, your old, and by old, we mean anciently stuck on 2G network devices, will need to visit the recycling pile.

From April 2017, Singapore’s 2G network, which has been in service for more than 20 years, will cease to function. This would effectively end all voice, messaging and data services that run on the ancient (by tech standards) network.

The closure of the 2G networks, however, is with valid reason. The voracious data appetite of users have will be satisfied when the current 2G spectrum is refarmed for the speedier 3G and 4G networks. Think of it as closing an old road and expanding it to allow faster and more cars to move through it.

If you’ve been diligently upgrading your phones whenever your two-year contract is up, you would be on the speedy 4G network. Whether you’re on the fastest network, however, still depends on your choice. If you need some help there, IDA has recently issued a glowing report card to one of the three Singapore telcos.

Even if you haven’t done anything for the past two years, chances are you’re already on the earlier 3G network, so you won’t be cut off from the rest of the world.

But, on the off chance that you’ve been stuck in the stone ages and refused to change our your really, really old Nokia phone that can knock someone out cold, change is due. In fact, the three telcos will be sending reminders through SMS and calls to the extremely small pool of customers who are still relying solely on 2G networks.

Of course, if you’re feeling sentimental, keep that 2G phone in your drawer and feel that wave of nostalgia whenever you look at it. Just know that it’ll lose its 2G connection for good in April 2017.