The bezels on this alleged ZTE Nubia Z9 are seriously thin

Leaks indicate the device will be quite the looker
The bezels on this alleged ZTE Nubia Z9 are seriously thin

It’s been all hush hush on ZTE’s end – it’s not made any new recent major announcements in terms of mobile launches nor has there been much speculation surrounding any smartphones in the make.

Except that of the ZTE Nubia Z9 that is. We previously published spy shots of the successor to the ZTE Nubia Z7, showcasing an uncanny resemblance to a white iPhone 6 smartphone, and now, a new set of leaks has surfaced.

This set of leaked images shows the device (also a white unit), with extremely thin bezels – so thin, it looks “bezel-less”. This suggests that the front of the smartphone will be all about its display, so you can probably expect to hear much talk about screen-to-body ratios upon launch (if it sports this look).

The two images also show the smartphone running the same launch user interface as the Nubia Z7, as well as the same home button (the distinguishing red circle) as the unit, so it doesn’t take a genius to take a rough guess which set this smartphone fits in with. 

What else do the pictures tell us?

The bezels on this alleged ZTE Nubia Z9 are seriously thin

The pictures also vaguely show what seems like the power button at the top right side of the device, which could make unlocking the device with one hand a tricky feat, unless ZTE creates some tapping gesture to wake the phone.

However, that’s all that we can make out from the images. No other information, including its speculated specifications, pricing or availability, was included. We will just have to keep playing the waiting game, as we have been doing for the past few months.

But rest assured, we will be sure to update this space as soon as we hear anything new about it. 

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[Source: GSM Arena, images: GizmoChina