A bendy smartwatch from Samsung?

Uncovered patent might unveil Samsung's new smartwatch

With the battle of smart watches heating up, we might have stumbled upon Samsung’s future entrant into the fray.

Moveplayer has managed to uncover a three design patents of a Samsung smartwatch that looks like it’ll be able to give the current smartwatch players a good run for their money. The patents show what looks like a simple watch band with a very prominent flexible screen and Android like controls at the base of the screen.

It’s not the first time that this design has turned up at Samsung, but the registration of the patents between March and May shows that Samsung might be seriously considering production of the concept. The tech is here already as we saw in CES 2013, and it’ll be a nice fresh look compared to the standard smartwatch designs in the market currently.

Hopefully this design comes to fruition and we won’t be left twiddling our thumbs with giant smart watches in tow.

(Moveplayer via Engadget)