Batman Tumbler golf cart found on eBay, costs US$17,500

The Dark Knight wannabes would love to take a ride in this miniature Batmobile, grunt "I'm Batman", and strike little fear into the hearts of The Joker and other villains
Batman Tumbler golf cart found on eBay, costs US$17,500

You probably won’t hear or see The Dark Knight showing it, but Bruce Wayne will be pleased with this miniature homage to the monstrous beast in his crime-fighting arsenal.

Made from an EZ-Go Golf-Cart, the miniature Batman Tumbler was stripped down to its skeletal frame and fitted with sheet metal and a sculpted, molded cowl, turning it into the menancing tank-like vehicle from Christopher Nolan's Batman trilogy. 

It's no slouch either - the mini Batman Tumbler goes up to 61km/h, comes complete with smaller versions of its bigger sibling’s Super Swamper tyres, and even has the Dark Knight’s seal of approval on its sports steering wheel. Other useful features include a Secret Kill switch as an anti-theft device, and four cup holders: one each for Alfred, Robin, Batgirl and the Caped Crusader.

Since then, the vehicle has made its rounds in a studio lot, though it spends 3/4 of its time indoors and attracting attention. While it costs US$30,000 (S$37,641) to build, the used Tumbler was sold for US$17,500 (S$21,957) as its creator had to clear his vault to develop more products.

Pity that it’s already sold, because we really wanted to throw our hard-earned cash at it and make an impression at our next Halloween party. Looks like it’s back to the usual - putting on a Batsuit, keeping a straight face, and grunting “I’m Batman” in front of the mirror.