The Basslet lets you truly feel the bass - in your wrist

This will make your next EDM party a truly trippy one

We all know bass junkies and the Basslet was made for them. Think of it as a portable subwoofer, but one you could wear like a watch.

You will be the only to be able to feel the bass as the basslet itself has no speakers. Apparently the range for the device goes from 10-250Hz, a pretty impressive spectrum.

The nice thing about this is at least it doesn't need an app. You connect what is called the 'sender' via your headphone jackand it transmits the bass to your Basslet. Simple and works with anything that has a headphone jack. For charging, the sender uses USB though a magnetic charging interface is in the works, patent-pending.

For the strap, you can change it to any 24mm one you desire.

You can get one by heading over to the Kickstarter, which is fully funded. The cheapest one (€99) is already sold out but you can still try and snag one at €129 (RM587).