Attention all Star Wars fans, R2-D2 will be landing at Changi Airport

Plus you can win the chance to ride in style in the Star Wars-themed ANA plane

Good news, Star Wars fans, the madly anticipated R2-D2 ANA plane will be in Singapore from 12-14 November.

You don’t just get a chance to gawk at the droid-plane hybrid from the observation deck, you can also win the chance to ride in its Business Class. Unfortunately, the plane won’t be flying you to a galaxy far, far away. It will stay put on the tarmac but who cares when it’s an experience you can Instagram to your heart’s content.

Organised by Singapore Changi Airport, 15 pairs of tickets will be given away for the chance to lounge in a Business Class seat, have a meal, and watch what else, but Star Wars movies (to be selected from episodes 4 to 6).

The plane will be decked out in R2-D2 livery, but don’t be expecting the flight attendants to dress up as Princess Leia in that infamous gold bikini.

You snooze, you lose, so get on it quick. The contest ends at 11.59pm on 25 October.