Asus LolliFlash illuminates your face for better selfies

You can even use this dual-colour LED light with other smartphones

As much as it looks like a lollipop, you’re not supposed to bite on Asus’ LolliFlash. Unless you want some broken teeth.

The newly announced accessory from the Taiwanese company is, however, going to make your selfies turn out better. It’s essentially a compact dual-colour LED light that has three levels of light intensities. This allows the LolliFlash to fill up any shadows in very dark environments or just add a tad of shine to a slightly low-light situation.

The LolliFlash’s silicone filter is more than just a protective case for the LED lights. It’s also used to soften light and reduce the harsh glare on faces. Colour temperatures are also affected, so you get to choose between a warmer or cooler hue based on your preference. Moreover, the cases merge the LED light sources to create a uniform light source, so you won’t see any uneven lighting on faces.

Though it is an accessory for Asus’ latest ZenFone 2, the LolliFlash is also compatible with any smartphones in the market. Just plug it into the 3.5mm audio port, link it to the smartphone wirelessly and that's it.

The only downside is that the LolliFlash only lasts up to three hours. Not exactly a huge problem, since it charges via microUSB. Which means you can tap your phone’s charger or just link it with a portable charger to add more juice to it.

Priced at S$17.90, the LolliFlash is available from today on the ASUS Online Store.